Boracay Deparis Resort

Boracay DeParis Resort and Hotel offers absolute beachfront accommodations with a excellent Boracay restaurant serving the best French and Asian Cuisine on the island. Boracay DeParis Resort offers guest Two types of Boracay accommodations, there is the beachfront hotel type located on the Boracay beach path overlooking the Sulu Sea. We also offer native Boracay cottages located behind our beach front hotel, the Boracay cottages are perfect for for families wanting to share there Boracay vacation together.



Boracay DeParis Resort offers beachfront rooms located on the Boracay Beach Path. Each room also has a nice view of the beach front restaurant.

   • Maximum of up-to 4 persons

   • Double size beds

   • Cable TV

   • Private toilet

   • Includes Daily Breakfast


Boracay DeParis Resort offers non-beachfront rooms located toward the back of the hotel, overlooking the garden area.

   • Maximum of 4 persons

   • 2 Double size bed

   • Air-conditioned

   • Hot & cold shower

   • Private toilet

   • Cable TV

   •Includes Daily Breakfast 


Boracay DeParis Resort in Boracay offers two different native style cottages, both are located behind the beachfront Boracay hotel. Each cottage is surrounded by lush tropical plants in a nice quiet garden.

   • Cottages are good for 4 to 8 persons

   • Double beds

   • Cable TV

   • Private toilet

   • Hot & Cold Shower

   • Full Kitchen

   •Includes Daily Breakfast


Good for 4 Persons Max. (with Kitchen)

2 double rooms w/kitchen, each room has 2 double beds, aircon, cable tv, fridge, hot & cold shower, wifi free access & free breakfast. 

                                                                           Lawaan Garden Hotel  

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