White Beach, Boat Station 2

This is the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of White Beach. Some of these Boracay hotels are high-end resorts while others fall into the budget category. D'Mall is also here, a collection of 100 small tourist shops and restaurants that reach to the back of the main road. This is the shopping centre of White Beach, and where a lot of the action takes place. There are hotels for all tastes and budgets in this area, and this is where most of the tourists will gravitate towards. 



Sea Bird Resort Boracay - - Seated at an address that is only within a short distance from the beguiling White Beach, our resort in Boracay presents aptly provided spaces and efficient service at prices to suit any budget. From our commodious and cozy rooms to our restaurant that serves a menu of mouthwatering eats, you will find your place. Add to these our very responsive and approachable staff that is always at your service, answering your every question, attending to your every need. All these justify the Department of Tourism's rating of the resort as a Class AA Boracay accommodation 

               Lawaan Garden Hotel

              Lawaan Roxas City Capiz


Oro Beach Resort Boracay - - Ever thought of spending your vacation in Boracay, Oro Beach Resort is the best choice for you, a newly constructed beachfront resort with 31 spacious rooms complete with amenities that will surely make your stay a memorable one. Every room is furnished with a queen size bed or two double beds, air-condition, a 24 hour cable television, hot and cold shower, refrigerator and a spacious verandah.
Boracay Holiday Resort - - is a sprawling Mediterranean inspired resort located right at the heart of Manggayad (Station 2) and affords its guests with a 3-minute leisurely walk to the famous white beach. Just by walking alone through the resort's breezy corridors and airy verandas is enough to make you feel the holiday ambience.Boracay Holiday Resort is an affordable luxury. It surely will be a part of your memorable experience here in the island

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast - - offers basic yet comfortable accommodations on Bulabog beach, located in the center of the Boracay kitesurfing zone, you will find a quiet and laid back property on the East side of Boracay Island. This is one of the few places that has maintained the "old Boracay feel" with the slow pace and relaxed atmosphere making you feel right at home. We are happily situated away from the regular tourist traps and conveniently close enough to join the fray, if you wish.    


Boracay DeParis Resort and Hotel - - offers absolute beachfront accommodations with a excellent Boracay restaurant serving the best French and Asian Cuisine on the island. Boracay DeParis Resort offers guest Two types of Boracay accommodations, there is the beachfront hotel type located on the Boracay beach path overlooking the Sulu Sea. We also offer native Boracay cottages located behind our beach front hotel, the Boracay cottages are perfect for for families wanting to share there Boracay vacation together.


The Taj Guest House Boracay - - is located in station 2, with just 15 rooms taj GuestHouse will be able to attend to your every need on very personal level. each Room in Taj GuestHouse offers all modern amenities like cable TV, Hot shower and wi.fi.



                                                  Urban Manor Hotel Sky Garden Hotel | Lawaan Garden Hotel

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